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Sports Alive Ltd is a world-leading provider of big prize promotions and event insurance, offering bespoke solutions for clients for over 18 years. Our experience and success in underwriting promotional risk for companies and agencies across the globe allows us to tailor-make engaging competitions, rewards and incentives at competitive prices without compromising on quality or service. Whether you require indemnity-based $1 million promotions or $1,000 hole-in-one-events, we provide a full service for all your marketing and insurance needs.

As an FCA approved appointed representative, we have direct access into the Lloyd’s insurance market, giving you total peace of mind that your promotion is fully covered in the event of a big winner. It also means that the price you pay for the cover is as low as possible, as no other agents are involved.

What We Do

Take a look at just some of things we do, and just a taste of what we could offer your company.

Examples of what we can do

We are the insurer and we deal directly with Lloyds of London

We can also act as a loss adjustor / judge / adjuticator for other peoples’ events…


Latest News

BOTBs Biggest Giveaway – We Were There!

Best of the Best recently ran their biggest giveaway yet - and Sports Alive were there to assist! Fond out more HERE Congratulations to the winner and new owner of that amazing Lamborghini Urus! Find out how Sports Alive can help insure your promotion and minimise...

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Bournemouth Coastal BID Chinese New Year Win $8,888

Ten-Go Bournemouth Coastal BID A3 Poster(PRINT) Bournemouth Coastal BID have launched their Ten-Go promotion giving visitors to their BID area the chance to win a huge $8,888!! Not only that there is a secondary prize of $88 for a lucky someone who gets all 10 stamps...

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Best Of The Best Lamborghini

Best of the best have continued their use of Sports Alive to help bring the best super cars on earth to their customers. They have given people the chance to win a fantastic Lamborghini Aventador by entering one of their competitions

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